• Mary Kuenzig – Hamilton Altrusa
    August 5, 2019

    Dear Altrusans around the world,

    Just wanted to tell you about a new medical-help book. The book includes wonderful, straight-forward information for caregivers who are trying to manage a patient suffering from Lewy Body Dementia. The author is Judy Towne Jennings and her book was just published in Sept. 2012. Her husband Dean suffered from this disease for 5 years before his death, and she was his primary caregiver in their home. The book is called “LIVING WITH LEWY BODY DEMENTIA.”

    Much of the book would also be helpful when caring for an Alzheimer’s patient or someone with Parkinson’s Disease. Judy lives in the greater Cincinnati area, and we would be glad to connect you with a copy of the book if you know someone who could benefit from the information. It would also make a wonderful gift from any Altrusa organization to a local library or senior center because it is such a valuable resource!!

    The experience of publishing a book for the first time was very complicated, so Judy is also very interested in helping new authors work through the process and to find willing publishers. She has gained some valuable knowledge that she is willing to share with anyone who is attempting “to go down this road.”

    Judy is willing to speak to groups about either her experience with Lewy Body Dementia or the book publishing process. If interested in this, please contact her by email, too. Please help to spread the word to others! Thank you!!