• Bob Houston – Editor
    August 5, 2019

    Wow, Judy, this is beautiful! I got the book yesterday and read through it last night and this morning. Reading those last pages brought tears to my eyes. How beautifully you’ve told this story, with sensitivity and insight that’s rare in any book. And how valuable this book is going to be to caregivers! I’m very proud of you for seeing this through to publication. They did a great job putting it together as a physical book, too. It’s wonderful, from cover to cover. The table of contents listing key ideas in each chapter is a great idea, and the time line at the end of the book is of serious value in helping us grasp the larger picture of Dean’s progress. Your choices of quotes from Ecclesiastes are right on target. A completely wonderful, beautiful book. And thanks for the nice personal comments. You’ve started along the road to a whole new career — writer and lecturer! I wish you every good thing, Judy.