• Nancy Kloepfer
    August 5, 2019

    Dear Judy,
    I just started reading your book yesterday. I am only on page 16. I was reading it in the car on our way to friends and I had to stop reading so that my eyes wouldn’t be red and swollen from crying, when we got there. I felt so bad for you as the realization of the disease set in for you and Dean. You were so brave and had such a good attitude about trying to keep Dean as independent as you could and trying to continue his life with dignity. You were so understanding and clever in solving problems that came up. I just know you too well to read that beautiful, well organized book without crying. So I will have to choose days to read it when I know I won’t be seeing anyone!

    It got to me when you said you never asked to be or wanted to be a caregiver. My friend, who was also my business partner the last 10 years of our tutoring found out that her husband has been diagnosed with dementia and the doctor said, in 80% of cases, it will become Alzheimer’s disease. I will let her read your book so that she can try to treat it as an adventure as you did. I am sure that will not be easy!!!

    Congratulations on an extraordinary book that will be a help, a guide, a Bible for so many.