First Book

Living With Lewy Body Dementia,
One Caregiver’s Personal, In-depth Experience

If you’re struggling to care for someone with Lewy Body Dementia or any Parkinson related disease, and you are looking for some professional help in dealing with the many difficult situations that arise, then this book is a MUST- READ for you. Here you will find not only hundreds of workable ideas on how to maintain and improve the quality of life but also a vast resource of information on what to expect of this unusual disease as it takes its course. Both Pro’s and Con’s are explained.

The book is informative:  In addition to the “meat and potatoes” suggestions for any caregiver, the message will offer a better understanding of the role of a caregiver. To achieve a quality of life during all phases of LBD, emotions, fun, and compassion need attention. We had many positive moments sandwiched among the more challenging.

It is inspirational:  My unhealthy husband taught me how to laugh and make the most of each day in spite of everything this strange disease tried to throw at us.

It is a faith-based self-help book.  I expected God to show up every day and thankfully He always did.


Second Book

The Wonderful World of Widowhood…
Except When It Isn’t.

Available now! The second book is available from Westbow Press (ISBN 9781973621003 or 9781973621010) from Amazon or local bookstores.

“The Wonderful World of Widowhood…Except When It Isn’t” is a story to encourage widows and widowers to venture into the next chapter of their lives with a confidence that God has their backs! Too often, the loneliness and loss of self that is felt by widowed seniors are dismissed by family and friends. This book asserts that great things can happen, even after the death of a spouse. Themes are bold to offer hope and encouragement

The heroine, Anna, is an amalganation of several widows in addition to Judy’s and her mother’s widowhood experiences. All names are changed, but every event and miracle is true.

This is an adventure with God, filled with miracles, inspirations, God Moments, and breath-taking realizations. If this can happen to this author, it can happen for anyone. More importantly, it gives permission for those stuck in the Tunnel of Grief to recreate themselves into a new, possibly better, version of their former selves…including finding a new source of unconditional love!.

The need for unconditional love and reawakened passion does not have an expiration date. A second love can be magical.

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    The Wonderful World of Widowhood... Except When It Isn't
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