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  • Hitting the Wall
    June 17, 2015

    The moving adventure was more of an ordeal last week. After I sold my house, I went house hunting. In the process of 5 days, I bought 2 houses and rescinded both of the offers. Now I am homeless. Thank goodness for Todd and Susan who are willing to house me for whatever length of time until I find something.

    When I hit the wall on Saturday and felt like my brain was smushed with decisions, my sweet daughter in law said, “I think you need some chocolate chip cookies, ice cream and Kahlua.” Put me on a euphoric sugar high for 2 days. When all else fails, ice cream always works.

  • Lets Talk About LBD

    This might be MY blog page, but I really want to hear from others that are dealing with this. Please email me using the Contact page on this website.