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  • Ten Years a Widow
    October 2, 2020

    After caring for my husband for five years, then watching him slip away, I needed to emerge from my tunnel of grief. Moving out of our family home and moving to a new town helped that effort.
    I have now lived in Tennessee for five years. Life can be good after one loses a spouse. I have written two books, made many new friends, and found a house that fits me at this stage of my life. I feel love and validation and know I am not done yet. People tell me my second book on mastering widowhood has helped them look at life as an adventure.
    “The Wonderful World of Widowhood…Except When It Isn’t”. This is newly revised. I think it will help many widows.

  • Lets Talk About LBD

    This might be MY blog page, but I really want to hear from others that are dealing with this. Please email me using the Contact page on this website.