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Judy Towne Jennings, PT, MA is a physical therapist and a writer.

Judy has always been an advocate, a voice for those who could not speak for themselves: babies, children, and now the senior population. With the experience gained while caring for her husband, she has now become a voice for those with a deteriorating neurological disease. Many of her blogs and articles explain why it is important for a caregiver for someone with LBD to be given the diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia or Dementia with Lewy Bodies, rather than Parkinson Disease Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Judy is thrilled that over the past five years, her “Living with Lewy Body Dementia, One Caregiver’s, Personal, In-Depth Experience”, has reached caregivers all across the globe. What a thrill to be able to touch so many lives for the better.

Her second book chronicles her journey to move past her negative persona as a widow. In it, she boldly advocates that widowed seniors aspire to become all they can be: a better version of their former self. Although many families and friends dismiss longings for another chance of passion and unconditional love, her “Wonderful World of Widowhood…Except When It Isn’t” claims that the need for passion has no expiration date.

She lives in the Murfreesboro, TN. She continues to teach caregivers and widows through her talks and her writings.

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    "LBD is not a growing-older-gracefully disease. It can be very aggressive and rapidly progressive. In my effort to provide quality of life to my husband as he maneuvered through the maze of his LBD, I studied, charted all his symptoms, explored activities he could continue to do, and prayed. I had no caregiving manual to teach us how to help him stay independent. This book is the compilation of the trial and error strategies that worked for us."

     Judy Towne Jennings

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