My Health Bucket Ran Dry

In my obsession to get my house ready to sell so I could move to Tennesee, I nearly

emptied my bucket of health. I am writing this for three reasons:

1. I process by writing things down..duh, I am a writer.

2. I want to share how quickly I went from being fit as a race horse (per my doctor) to

severely “un-well”. He gave it medical terms.

3. I want people to understand that there are medical strategies that can greatly impact

our health...other than drugs and MRI’s.

In February 2015 I decided to sell my house. Once the decision was made I literally

poured myself into the project 8 to 10 hours a day for 6 weeks. No project was too big.

I mixed cement and patched driveway cracks. Patched and painted several rooms in

the house including the basement foundation wall with an oil-based paint. The fumes

lasted for a week. The project that did me in was removing a large piece of outdoor

carpeting from the basement. I suspect it was moldy. It was definitely grungy dirty and

seemed to cling to my hair, nostrils, skin and clothes. When I realized that the

vacuuming I had done for 30 years hadn’t worked, I decided to sanitize the floor with

chlorine bleach..twice. The cumulation of inhaling cement, chlorine, mold, and paint

fumes wiped out my immune system.

The exhaustion from the work set off a vicious spiral. My digestive system shut down. I

no longer was breaking down the meat protein which would have helped to get rid of the

toxins and build the immune system back up. I had to rely of what I could digest with low

stomach acid, which was sugars. Any donut that wandered into my sight was

immediately consumed. The past two weeks, I craved sugars of all kinds. And they did

not energize me! After eating, I would be hungry again in 2 hours. I have had so much

caffeinated coffee lately that I began to crave it.

The final result was digestive problems, poor sleep, dizziness, poor nutrition supplying

hair and nails, bottoming out of my blood pressure and loss of short term memory.

When I forgot a book club party at MY house, couldn’t figure out how to turn the mute

function off on my I-phone, and fell into a sedative sleep in the hair salon, I knew my

health bucket was leaking severely.

Besides reminding me that I am no longer 20, my good doctor reassured me that I could

reverse all these symptoms and be very well again. Nothing was fatal and I did not

have Lewy Body Dementia. I believe him because he has already brought me back to

full health after the stresses of caregiving for my husband with Lewy Body Dementia

had created many similar symptoms.

My doctor is Nathan Morris of Good Medicine in College Corner, Ohio. (Soon to be in

Oxford, Ohio.) He is an Integrative Family Medicine Doctor. He combines an ability to

determine the ROOT cause of medical declines with the skill to prescribe the medicines

or vitamin/mineral supplements to restore healthy function to vital organs. He uses lab

tests and normal doctor assessment tools like blood pressure monitoring to help sleuth

out what is wrong...But more importantly, he listens to my list of complaints and


understands how the pattern of my problems signals my body’s needs.

Lets Meet!

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