Faith it Till You Make it.

As the President of the Fairfield Women Organization, I commissioned myself to give the Invocation Thursday.  Some highlights:  Faith it till you Make it.  That is how I feel about my move to the Nashville area.  I have no guarantee that I will sell my house quickly, make new friends, and have a wonderful adventure with my son and family.  Only God knows when and how.  But I shared the story of sitting on the couch with Todd in his house and refusing once again to move to be near him and his family. As soon as I said “No”, a small voice in my ear told me that I should move to Murfreesboro; “It will be a good move! “  I have heard that small voice many times and have learned to pay attention. 


All of us have times of uncertainty when we wish we could peek around the corner to see what is coming.  I felt today that it would be a good thing to hear from someone they knew, that the spiritual God of the Universe loves each of us no matter who we are. And He has a plan for us even when we have no plan for ourselves.  And so far that plan is unfolding as it should.


I shared also that I devoted part of one chapter in my book to writing letters to God.  I dumped everything on Him via my computer keys....then I would wait.  Whatever thoughts came into my head, I typed onto the page.  When I was done and reread what I had written, I was always assured.  Sometimes surprised.  Generally amazed at the wisdom, but always consoled and uplifted as if conversing with the most loving father anyone could ever have.  I don’t know if the technique works for everyone, but it is a guiding source for me.

Lets Meet!

I frequently speak to various caregiver groups, and would love to see as many people as possible. Come share your stories with me and the rest of the group.


Wow, Judy, this is beautiful!... -- Bob Houston - Editor