Debbie Lantz-Kobit "Thanks"


Just finished your book, it was very therapeutic for me. My Dad has LBD (although I almost had to force the diagnosis and practically beg for levodopa) He was hospitalized 2.5 years ago with hallucinations. After that we moved him to assisted living facility where he remained until recently. He now lives with us in Northern Mi. I have taken an early retirement to care for him. I really want to thank you for pointing out the extreme ups and downs, downs and ups of this disease. There have been so many times when I have talked to and watched my dad moving around and thought to myself "My God, there is nothing the matter with this man at all, what have I done." Then flip goes the switch and LBD reals it's ugly head again. I have a traveling tip that I found helpful for my dad. He wanted to take a road trip, so I took vacation time and away we went. I found that staying in the same Hotel chain every night was helpful. The desk clerks were very accommodating about giving us a room set up like the one the night before. Long story the end of our trip, he was almost familiar with the hotel room, lol. And one last thank you for encouraging sense of humor!!! Oh my gosh, there are so many things to laugh about. My dad, myself and my husband rely on laughter to get us through many days and nights. Thank you 


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Just wanted to tell you about a new medical-help book... -- Mary Kuenzig - Hamilton Altrusa