Robin Williams and LBD

Yes I saw the lady doctor on television explain about Lewy Body Dementia.  Not what I would have said or experienced.  She said it is very similar to Parkinson's.  I am not finding that to be the case for many of the people I am mentoring.  And that makes it difficult to diagnose or for people to understand what is happening to them.  The newsletter this month (November 2014) has an excellent article explaining why it is important to have the correct diagnosis.  LBD is not Parkinson's or Alzheimer's.  It has many very unique and extremely important differences.  Those differences such as hypersensitivity to many medications that work for PD and AD, can cause devastating consequences.  Because she is a doctor of anesthesia, doesn't mean she understands a complicated neurological disease.  She was pretty though.

The information on the Lewy Body Dementia Association website is researched and accurate.  Because someone seeks information there, does not mean they will contract the disease.  Be informed.  You may be the one informed person who can help a friend get good, accurate information.

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Thank you for the book!... -- Dr. Duker