Wow! October is Over

End of October of 2014: Wow! What have I accomplished this year? If it isn't sufficient, I only have 2 more months to make this year worthwhile.
   *I have learned that I make a difference to many people. That is comforting.
   *I have learned that I have developed an infectious sense of humor as attested to by the laughter I generate when I speak. Friends and relatives from my early years would be surprised with that bit.
   *I have learned that I can still project an appearance of beauty, just not opting to be a calendar model anytime soon.
   *And I have learned (it has been a bad year for injuries.) that I can mend, and rehab myself to be able to still play tennis.

   *Mostly, I realize that I have a responsibility to work hard to be healthy, wealthy and wise. Maybe the wise should go first in that sentence.
Anyway, I have rededicated myself to be all I can be next year. I might have to slow down a bit to do that; but I hope to be looking at 2015 in October of next year and satisfied that I was still actively involved in "life".

I will be looking for people who want to stay healthy with me. Jump on board and let's make next year an adventure.

Lets Meet!

I frequently speak to various caregiver groups, and would love to see as many people as possible. Come share your stories with me and the rest of the group.


Helping us has been a comfort and a blessing for us!... -- Heather