When life throws you lemons, get "Lemonaid"



I don’t know why I lost my footing on a perfectly good stretch of walkway when my R. ankle started to turn.  I am well aware of the series of events that then occurred to bring me to this story.  I pushed L to avoid a sprained ankle, over reacted and lost my balance resulting in a heavy thud of my L hip into solid concrete. I was able to roll over and stand.  I was able to walk 10 feet to the car.  That was the last moment that I could bear any weight for 4 days.  The initial pain on impact was severe enough (8-10) to cause me to tremble with fear for what I had done. In the emergency room, I could not move my hip in any direction without shooting pains radiating from my pubic bone down the full course of my thigh (10). X-ray indicated no fracture, Thank God.  Report indicated a hip pointer injury. With help from the nurse, I managed to get back into my car and drive the 2.5 hours home, again with no pain as long as I had the magnets in place.  I could not bear weight.  Once in Fairfield, a friend met me at my car and got me into the house using a walker.  It was so difficult to walk, I almost fainted at one point.


The rest of the story.  First, I am a PT.  I know muscles and how to heal them.  The bad part is that I also knew I had hurt my hip very severely.  I am also a long time user of natural health and wellness technologies.  I had 2 Nikken (Nikken.com) magnets in the backseat and immediately put them on the inside and outside of my hip.  The pain went to 0 as I continued my journey to Bloomington, In.  Although the movement was very painful in the ER, I had very little bruising and very little touch pain.  That confused the doctor. She was not aware that health magnets could alleviate bruising and local tenderness.



Once in bed with magnets all over my hip, I slept quite well all night. (I also sleep on a magnetic mattress.)  At this writing, it has been 8 days.  I was able to walk 10 feet last night without pain and no walker, but the hip was weak.  I can fix that.  The big message is that I managed to assuage a serious hip injury in 8 days that usually takes weeks to relieve.  


How did I do that? 

*I attached  large magnets to each side of my hip with an ace wrap.  

*I didn’t get out of bed for 2 days except to use a walker to walk to the bathroom.  

*I wrapped the thigh in a comforter that has properties to decrease inflammation and it did just that.  

*Since I couldn’t get to the kitchen for breakfast and lunch, I drank a protein meal replacement in alkaline water for 2 days that had 18 grams of protein.  Nikken nutrition with whole foods is another building block to preserving health.

*I took a pill called Osteo-Denx that is formulated to help heal and restore bone health.  It must be working.


Moral of this story:  Never go anywhere without Nikken magnets.  You never know when you might need them.  Secondly, people can easily and effectively manage hurtful problems of any kind if they have the technologies at their disposal.

I used them on Dean everyday when he was dealing with the discomforts of Lewy Body Dementia. 


I am not saying that medical appraisals are not necessary.  It is important to know what one is dealing with.  If I had fractured my hip, I would have had surgery.  I am saying there are options to strong pain relievers that work against overall health.


I will gladly teach anyone how to get “lemonaid”  when life gives them lemons. I didn’t expect to need my products so extensively when I decided to return to being a health and wellness coach, but it has reaffirmed how very good the Nikken technologies are.


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