Velveteen Rabbit

Growing up with a brother 10 years older than me, gave me a highly competitive spirit.  It galled me when he would play ping pong with me using his left hand. Let’s see...17...7.  That was a logical choice on his part, illogical on mine.


it hasn’t gone away in my 60’s.  I had to know everything about my husband’s illness, I needed to be orchestrating his care, and I demanded that I be an integral part of his care team.


Those were all good things that helped me take care of Dean for 5 years and build a quality life for him.  It was the “never say die” mentality that helped me persevere when publishing my book and then marketing it to caregivers all over the country.


But at some point I have to ask myself, “When it is ok to relax and be old?   Not yet apparently!  When I power washed the driveway 8 weeks ago and was tripped up with the hose, I broke my thumb and needed surgery.  When I was playing tennis with my son and over extended my reach, I felt something tear in my knee. (Good physical therapy now has me back on the court.) 

To get to my point, yesterday, I mixed up a soupy mess of cement and patched a hole in my driveway.  Just sore muscles today.


If I have a choice, I will be like the “Velveteen Rabbit”- all used up in the end and thread bare.  But I will have a lifetime of cherished memories and “stories” to smile about.  Again as in my book, I advocate living life as an adventure.  Whatever I do, I try to do it with heart, humor, and passion.  And so far, my God seems to smile on my choice to live that way. (Living with Lewy Body Dementia, One Caregiver’s Personal, In-Depth Experience)

Lets Meet!

I frequently speak to various caregiver groups, and would love to see as many people as possible. Come share your stories with me and the rest of the group.


Thank you so much for sharing it with LBDA!... -- Angela Taylor - Director of Programs