Friendships in a Firestorm

Friendships forged in a firestorm


I am supposed to be the expert, and yet I am always amazed at all that I learn from those that I am “Experting”.  This week I was so humbled by the demeanor of a lady whom I chose to mentor 2 years ago.


Her husband is in a nursing facility fighting his battle with late stage LBD.  While he was out of the house. she chose to finish the clean up work needed after a pipe burst last winter and flooded her house.  Her world has been totally upside down for 6 months with all the ceiling replacements.  Imagine living and sleeping in a plaster factory.  She is lucky she ever found her keys in the morning.  This dear friend could have been justifiably grumpy and angry at all the setbacks she faced while trying to get her home back to livability before her husband was released to come home.


She could justifiably ranted to anyone who would listen that God is being very unfair.  Instead, her first words were always to ask me how I was doing.  She was figuratively navigating a mountain path in an avalanche, and yet she could show concern when I complained about something as minuscule as stumbling over a molehill.


We have build a friendship in the midst of a firestorm.  It has been forged with laughter and tears, sufficiently tested now to last a lifetime.


But I have to wonder why one person perseveres and maintains respect and integrity under extremely stressful situations and others fall into patterns of hopelessness and negativity.  I guess that is the great enigma that only God can answer.

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