Trading Favors

Trading Favors


Did you ever consider the value of trading favors.  Some people might call it bartering.  I prefer to think of it as friends pooling their skills. 


I was never mechanically oriented when my husband was alive, I surely haven’t added that skill set to my resume since he has been gone. But I am gifted in other skills, such as working out the soreness in a muscle.


Needless to say, I was thrilled when 2 of my neighbors spent several hours tearing my lawn mower apart to get it running.  I was able to add value for one of them by getting his shoulder ready to play golf.  It was a Win-win for all of us.


To me trading favors is more than saving money. It is neighbors connecting. In my 3 year adventure with widowhood, I have developed a network of friends who are willing to pick me up when I fall down... they are my safety net.  And I know I have talents and skills to help them out.  We all win.

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