Medication List for PD, Alz, and LBD

All drugs are chemicals with potential side effects.  Persons with LBD can be especially sensitive to many types of drugs, even over the counter products that most people would consider safe for anyone.

I know this is true.  My husband had a devastating reaction to two pills prescribed by a urologist.  He had a psychotic break with horrible hallucinations that put him into the hospital for 4 days and took weeks to recover from.  Being fore-warned is being fore-armed.

So many people are initially diagnosed with either Parkinson disease or Alzheimer's disease before their medical doctors realize that the mallady is really a Parkinson variant that has the physical symptoms of Parkinson but the mental challenges of Alzheimer's.  These are the people most likely to react negatively to many drugs and need to be aware of the dangers of anti-psychotic medications such as Haldol, or anti-histamine products like Tylenol PM.

It is bad enough to deal with all the challenges of a neurologic disease.  Caregivers and loved ones do not need the extra complications of drug reactions.

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Wow, Judy, this is beautiful!... -- Bob Houston - Editor