Great Course explaining LBD for Professionals

Dorian evaluated my husband and was able to tell me exactly where he was in the course of his disease.  She was a tremendous help for me.  I have referenced her in my book because she had some very good ideas to make caregiving easier.  The red duct tape on the floor came from her course.

It is so very important for all of us helping someone with a neurodegenerative disorder to find out exactly what the disease diagnosis really is.  There are several diseases that look like Parkinson but have very different symptoms in total.  The drug treatment plan will be different for each person certainly but also very different depending on exactly what the diagnosis is.  A generic statement such as parkinson with dementia may not be specific enough to zero in on what the caregiver needs to be prepared to deal with at each phase of the disease.

Dorian teaches courses all over the country.  She is very knowledgable. 

Lets Meet!

I frequently speak to various caregiver groups, and would love to see as many people as possible. Come share your stories with me and the rest of the group.


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