Talking about a serious disease HELPS

I poured all my negative frustrations about my husband’s Lewy Body Dementia onto the keys of my computer. After many many rewrites, it took form as an informative book sans any of the anger. Originally, I would write about topics that concerned his function: ambulation challenges, eating adjustments, falls. My first version of the book was a listing of all the topics. As I encountered a problem and adapted what he needed to do, I wrote what worked into my alphabetical listing. I called it “The ABC’s of LBD”. From the beginning of this journey through the maze, I was thinking about other caregivers who wouldn’t know what to do with the strange symptoms. Writing was my most effective way of keeping the lid on my own emotions.

For you in the blogging world, I hope this blog will give you a chance to write some of your frustrations, questions and concerns to help you also keep your emotions under control.

Lets Meet!

I frequently speak to various caregiver groups, and would love to see as many people as possible. Come share your stories with me and the rest of the group.


I just started reading your book yesterday... -- Nancy Kloepfer